About Us

About Hana’s Cleaning

A clean environment is an essential criterion to ensure a healthy life. Some aspects of home and commercial cleaning could be more complicated and demands the touch of the professionals. Hana’s Cleaning, the pioneers in the Melbourne cleaning services, has established a definite presence through their quality service and consumer welfare approach. The company has been an active part of the industry since 2010 and have delivered exemplary services to both the domestic and commercial cleaning services Melbourne. We are a family run business who has mastered the intricacies of the sector and have a thorough knowledge of the varied consumer requirements.

We have favourably merged the modern technology and professional attributes with the family values to provide standardised solutions to our clientele. Our team of proficient cleaners are trained and skilled in various elements of the customer care to deliver adept services to our consumers. Every step is controlled by a team of specialists to assure improved services to our clientele. We follow a rigorous protocol in employee verification to ensure secure services.

We offer cleaning service packages to help our clients maintain an immaculate space with ease. Hana’s Cleaning has implemented an effective protocol to minimise resource utilisation and to manage cleaning time efficiently. These have helped us to offer quality services at the most feasible prices. We also follow an eco-friendly approach to reduce damage to the environment.


Hana’s Cleaning is a unique company in the cleaning services Melbourne segment who has successfully infused family values like dedication, compassion with modern technology and corporate ethics. We believe in our core values and endeavour to deliver excellence. We have built our brand name by establishing perfection through our works. Some of the key features which distinguish us from our competitors include

  • A skilled and verified cleaning crew
  • Process Oriented System
  • Professional Approach
  • Eco-friendly Techniques
  • Economic Budgets

What’s our Mission?

  • To be a trendsetter in the scope of domestic and commercial cleaning services through innovation and technology
  • To initiate standardised cleaning techniques to improve consumer benefits and efficient resource utilisation
  • To augment our presence in the country and be a forerunner in the segment

What’s our Vision?

  • To be a pioneer and forerunner in the segment through enhanced service levels and improvised consumer care
  • To restore ecological balance and maintain a healthy environment while utilisation of the cleaning utilities
  • To successfully infuse family values with professional ethics and technological advancements