Builders Clean

Consumers expect an articulate house or apartment while look for a new home. A newly constructed home or building is far from the exotic picture portrayed in the brochures. They are filled with the excess construction supplies and other dust accumulated during the period. Hana’s Cleaning, a professional cleaning service company has the power to transform these entities into beautiful homes. We have worked with leading real estate companies and have established our forte through our works.

We provide holistic solutions inclusive of floor cleaning, removal of excess paints and marks, carpet steaming, woodwork scrubbing, glass washing, vacuuming, etc. Our services also extend to the garage and car parking areas. Our team of analysts conducts a detailed analysis of the building and determine the appropriate course of action. Additional caution is taken to avoid any time of scratches or other mishaps. Our team follows a strict timeline which enables us to deliver a flawless outcome in a shorter period.