Window Cleaning

Windows usually have a profound significance in our lives. They provide a sneak preview of the world and vice versa. A dirty window does not give the best first impression of a home. Some windows are more complicated than the others and require expert care to ensure its cleanliness. Hana’s Cleaning has a team of professionals who specialise in the domestic cleaning services of the external and internal pollutants. Our team leaders conduct an assessment of the Window and determine the ideal plan.

We then identify the right agent to minimise the deterioration of the material as well as the environment. We work on a long-term basis which prompts us to consider the effect in all aspects before formulating a solution for our clientele. We work window cleaning packages which enable us to offer services at regular periodic intervals. Our team provides complete solutions inclusive of the external doors to the windowsill. We are equipped to clean windows of all sizes, types and locations.